St Mary's and St John's Churches

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Dates and Notices

Services This Week

Sunday 25th February - 2nd Sunday of Lent


9:30am    All Age Worship Breakfast                St Mary's Langford


10:00am  Family Service followed by

                coffee and croissants                        St John's Churchill


Events this week

Mon 19th         8:00am   Morning Prayers         St John’s Churchill

Tues 20th        8:00am   Morning Prayers         St John’s Churchill

Wed 21st         8:00am   Morning Prayers        St Mary’s Langford

                       9:30am   Jumblies                     St Mary’s Langford

                      11:30am  Jumblies                     St Mary’s Langford

Thurs 22nd       8:00am  Morning Prayers        St Mary’s Langford


Services Next Week

Sunday 4th March – 3rd Sunday of  Lent


8:00am  Holy Communion (BCP)                      St John’s Churchill


9:30am  Agape All Age Worship                       St Mary’s Langford


News & Events

Lent Courses

There are 3 home groups which are running Lent courses this year if you would like to join them:-

Mondays         10:00am      1 Enderleigh Gardens

Wednesdays    8:00pm       Jubilee House

Thursdays         8:00pm       5 Rowan Way

All are very welcome.


Flower Workshop

There will be a flower workshop/demonstration  on Saturday 3rd March at St John’s Church, Churchill starting at 10.00am.  For more information please contact Jo Avery at